• We have specialized in offering our services to small an medium-sized companies who would like to enter the German market or expand their business in Germany.
  • We know it is exxential to you and your company to know how double taxation can be avoided. Also, we understand that you need someone to handle your day-to-day tax in Germany without ever forgetting your company's special needs in terms of internaltional tax law.
  • Our services include handling of all your tax related issues, and fighting for your rights at hte German tax agencies, if necessary.
  • We work with you to come up with an optimized tax concept for your company. We habdle registrations and de-registrations, draft your annual accounts and all necessary tax statements.
  • We consult you on all issues of German tax law and will strive to awnser all of your related questions (e.g. debductibility of expenses, write-offs, or value added tax). We will give you recommendations on how to position your company in terms of future tax advantages(e.g. profit distribution). If you use partners to handle these issues, we will gladly work with them.
  • Tax conultation constitutes a special relationship of trust. This is why we are interested in budilding a long-term working relationship with you.


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